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Apple iPhone 7 Announcement

Better audio, cameras, more power and better storage.

JSON Compression - Part Deux

For all those that missed the objective (my fault probably).

WWDC 2016 - June 13th

What to expect and what not to expect.

JSON Compression by Rotating Data 90 degrees [Updated]

A 'simple' technique that provides impressive compression results.

My Development Setup

I have built a system fit for a...

AndroidPay vs ApplePay

AndroidPay launched in the UK yesterday - I tried it.

Appcelerator Now has a Solution for the X509TrustManager Android Problem

Start testing your apps now - important!

Yahoo Weather App Design Choice Annoyance

A case of minimalist design that is really infuriating.

Appcelerator Currently has no Solution for the X509TrustManager Android Problem

Will we get a fix in a time sufficient to resolve the issue?

Apple 'is' Afraid of 'Error 53'

If this was a game of Chicken - Apple blinked first.

Open Letter to Heart Internet from a Customer

Initiated due to the on-going failures and limited communication.

The Biggest Threat to National Security in the Next 20 Years is an Ignorant Government

The pretext of terrorism should never be used as an excuse to remove privacy.

Solution: Android 9 Patch corrupted splash images

A recent increase in problems prompts a solution.

It is not 1970 so stop telling your Apple iPhone that it is

A new day, another new way to brick an iPhone.

Should you be afraid of the iPhone iOS 9.2.1 upgrade and 'Error 53'?

Yes, no, maybe - annoyed possibly.

Quick Tip: How to Simplify an IF Statement

Programming comparisons do not always need IF statements.

Code: Determine the contrast of a colour

Useful when you need to place text over an image or a solid block of colour and still need the text readable.

What is that weird code written on your Twitter header image?

JavaScript meets existentialism.

The Number 941 had two meanings for Steve Jobs

Simple Coincidence, or was there more to it?

Why am I called 'The Oracle'?

Because Appcelerator gave me that name.

Why have I created this website and why should you care?

Honest views, opinions, code, solutions and more.