Trump2Fart Bookmarklet for British Readers

Allow the Brits to read his name proper like.

Posted by Malcolm Hollingsworth on

There has been a lot of press about a man called Donald Trump. To some he is just an offensive buffoon, to others he will bring a new dawn of US politics like none before him.

Whether you love, hate or laugh at the man - his name can being confusing for us Brits. The word trump is synonym for fart; the more culturally word for the act of passing gas (wind).

With this in mind, it can be difficult for Brits to read news reports with his name incorrectly stated as Trump when in fact the more culturally accepted version would be Mr Donald Fart.

The Solution

With technology brings new abilities that previously would not be possible, enter; the 'bookmarklet'. For those who really need to understand the technology there is a great Wikipedia page on the Bookmarklet. However this knowledge is not required.

Trump2Fart bookmarklet.

Either drag the link above to your bookmarks bar/folders or right-click and add then choose 'Bookmark Link' (or similar words).


You can try it on this BBC News article: Donald Trump: From mogul to presidential frontrunner, I threw up a little in my mouth just typing that.

How do you use Trump2Fart?

Whenever you visit a page that might include Trump, simply click the bookmark you just created. All references are immediately changed to Fart.

Have fun!

Bonus Fact

John Oliver the host of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver found out that Mr Donald Trump family name was in fact Drumpf, as you can see here in this YouTube video Make Donald Drumpf Again!.

They even made a Make Donald Drumpf Again! campaign site.

Trump2Drumpf bookmarklet.