Solution: Android 9 Patch Corrupted Splash Images

A recent increase in problems prompts a solution.

Posted by Malcolm Hollingsworth on

Recently I experienced problems with a corrupt splash image when using the Android Patch 9 format. After playing around for a while the problem went away, but I was not sure how - just glad it had.

Last week I was speaking with Dan Tamas and he was explaining he was seeing corruption in his patch 9 splash images.

We spent some time ruling out all of the standard likely culprits and with no answer magically appearing I sent Dan a couple of known working patch 9 images of my own for him to try with his project. They worked!


Dan noticed what I had added to fix my problem but not taken note it was the fix, a quick try on his own image and he confirmed it.

The key is to add the previously optional bottom and right bars as solid black. Until recently these could be left without filling in as they only determine the space content can fill within the image - as splash screens have no content these are not required. That appears to have changed.

Example before and after magnified patch 9 images.
Only left and top bars are marked
Bottom and right bars are filled

Once the bottom and right bars were added the corruption went away and the splash image displayed as designed. Be aware that the corruption does not always appear and might be linked to the position of the marks on the top and left sides.

What the corruption can look like

Note the black bar underneath the status icons and another one just above the soft buttons at the bottom of the display

The exact same tiny example icon is used for the examples; in real apps you would use size and density appropriate versions.

The same corruption of the image, again note the corruption appears to stop at the clock width in these example.

However the corruption of the image when displayed is not always the same, but just as obvious as shown here.