What is that weird code written on your Twitter header image?

JavaScript meets existentialism.

Posted by Malcolm Hollingsworth on
var today = new Date();
if (today !== goodDayToDie()) {
} else {

You must be talking about this segment of JavaScript code.

I wrote it as a way to show an existential comment on life in the form of code. It relates to how we should consider each moment and decide how we move forwards from there.

Yes, Seriously

On rare occasions I can go very deep; way out of my normal character.

Once again I had received some news that required me to take stock of my life and questioned my place in the world.

Some people have asked if the meaning is to decide if you should live or die; essentially is this a suicide call for help.


The English language in the code when combined with the logic and flow of programming code was meant to clearly show that you should live for today.

Oscar Arnaiz @olarnaiz liked it so much he copied it for his own twitter header. He does have my permission to use it though. We spoke after I noticed him using it, plus he follows me - so clearly a nice guy.