Why am I called 'The Oracle'?

Because Appcelerator gave me that name.

Posted by Malcolm Hollingsworth on

If you read nothing else in this article at least read this;

Using the moniker The Oracle in any form is always meant to be tongue in cheek.

I started app development in early 2010. I chose Titanium from Appcelerator as it promised a common language platform that would compiled directly into truly Native iOS and Android apps.

As all good developers do; I took a lot of time getting used to the language, the app APIs and more importantly the using and understanding the devices the apps would actually run on.

There are a lot of people out there that think they are masters of something simply because they took it out of the wrapping. My intention was always to learn as much of everything in as many ways as possible.

So back to the question of why?

I chose to give back to the community by assisting in the Questions & Answers portal on the Appcelerator website.

In giving back to the community I found it easy to become very enthusiastic in my attention to detail and wiliness to help others. I soon earnt a reputation for providing the answers that solved peoples questions quickly, especially as they usually contained detailed and well tested responses to those who asked.

Because of this I then started amassing points in their system. Essentially each contribution earnt some points, each time a question was marked as providing the answer to the question - more points were automatically provided.

Due to my enthusiasm I quickly moved up the ranks of volunteers to become the highest ranked developer. A title I still hold to this day.

Appcelerator Noticed

As my contributions and success in delivering quality apps for business of all sizes increased so did the number of developers. No doubt helped by the rich community of developers like me who helped Appcelerator evolve into the company it did.

In September 2013 Appcelerator hit the 500k milestone of developers using the very platform I had helped drive forwards in so many ways.

By way of celebrating the 500k milestone they chose to single me out and gave me the moniker of "The Oracle" and also highlighting the shear amount of work I had done to assist in building the Appcelerator community.

At this time I had reached 100,000 points; a number so significant that next highest had 68,000 points.

As a side note; staff from Appcelerator took it upon themselves to see how my meteoric rise occurred. I was told that not only had I achieved the highest ranked developer, but I had by far the highest rate of accepted answers but also they were the most detailed answers as well as providing more code examples than anyone else.

From the moniker to the statistics to the recognition my head swelled even larger than normal.

So Why MalcTheOracle?

That one is easy; I wanted a suitable Twitter account and (as my ego played a part) I tried "TheOracle" but obviously that had been taken. So I settled on a twitter handle of @MalcTheOracle.

I have only recently started to actively work with the Twitter account. So it will take time to build up followers, but the twitter account and this associated site are two of the ways I now give back to the app development community.