Why have I created this website and why should you care?

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Posted by Malcolm Hollingsworth on

The purpose of this website and the associated Twitter account @MalcTheOracle is simple; provide an outlet for my many varied; thoughts, opinions, views, insights into things that I wish to share with the world.

If that sounds a little egotistical then you are wrong - it is a lot egotistical, as well it should.

I will be using this site to give more space to explain thoughts and ideas, to provide code to assist others and to find ways to make developing software easier than ever before.


I have been a software developer for more than 25 years; started developing desktop apps, embraced the web world and the internet as a whole when they arrived and now obviously using those skills in app development for the past 6 years.

Giving Back

Until recently a lot of my drive to give back to the community was directed to the Appcelerator Question and Answer portal.

For reasons that never made sense and still does not - it was decided to move the successful Q&A portal to an in-house developed system that the community never really engaged with. Now everyone is being asked to use Stack Overflow instead. This is a shame as this moves the once great community into a place not focussed on the platform itself.

What should you expect?

Since engaging with Twitter I have found the 140 character limit both restricting and hugely beneficial.

The increase in tweet length is about to arrive but was still 140 at the time of writing.

It is sometimes limiting when you have something to share but not always enough room to really make a solid point without compromising the message itself - hoping the intended audience will make allowances.

The huge benefit is brevity; wind bags (sometimes me) can go on too long, so sometimes having an enforced limit requires focus.

Most importantly it is when you need to provide rich media, example code, fuller descriptions and embedded videos in order to help give meaning to a subject that a just a few words can not.


Remain tech focussed, with particular leanings towards app development. There will be many more tweets than articles provided here, as short form is often best for quick things. If there is more to say or the subject is bigger; then this will be the place to find it.

Occasionally there will be articles focussed on a specific piece of technology. However this will be because I love it, use it or suggest you take a look at it. This will not be a review site.

There will be many code based articles. Again some short quick ones (expect a colour related one any day now) and some much longer ones. There may even be multi-part articles if the topic warrants it.

Having been in this industry for 25+ years I have learnt many languages and development systems. So whilst this site is app development focussed, this does not mean the only code provided will be device based. There will be examples for server based solutions and some things every app developer must know beyond the code itself.


I will not be restricted to any single platform; this site is platform agnostic and will celebrate the good, moan about the bad and be disgusted by the ugly.

Each new article will be announced via a tweet.