Yahoo Weather App Design Choice Annoyance

A case of minimalist design that is really infuriating.

Posted by Malcolm Hollingsworth on

There are some really good apps out there; one of these is the Yahoo Weather App available on both iOS and Android.

But for as good as it is; it has one major design choice that I simply do not understand. Why should I have to swipe up in order to view what is expected to happen in the coming hours and days?

So what is my problem?

There are many weather apps available with some giving enormous detail and some provide simply the current temperature. The Yahoo Weather app sits in the middle of these and shows a reasonable amount of information without being too sparse or too detailed.

Take a look at the start-up screen shown below. It provides so little information as to be irrelevant. Knowing the temperature right now and if it is raining is not as useful as seeing what will occur over the next few hours.

Swiping up the display will show you that information of course; however, when I do this each time I open the app I wonder what I have done to Yahoo to offend them so much as to be forced to repeat this action.

Displaying just the current details
Yahoo iPhone app showing only the temperature
Swiped Up
Also displaying upcoming information
Yahoo iPhone app showing the temperature with upcoming hours and days

If we could vote for such a thing I would ask for the one with more detail to be the default view, or at least a choice between them.

All of the information on the second view is still a summary, but a better summary where I can gain all the useful information in one place.

Just saying.